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The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.
-- Mark Twain
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How to Contact WordStuff

WordStuff can be contacted via:

Barbara Chandross
Barbara at WordStuff dot com
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WordStuff in a Nutshell

Here are the answers to the important questions:

WordStuff is primarily Barbara Chandross, but we do have access to other designers for larger projects or for those with specialized needs.
Wordstuff provides complete communications services, including design, layout, and content for newsletters, flyers, brochures, reports, yearbooks, and the web. See our portfolio for examples of what we can do for you.
We offer services from an as-needed basis to long-term retainer based.
For clients who require on-site consultations, we handle regions reasonably close to Union, Essex, Somerset, and Morris counties. For those who are willing to use the Internet to exchange materials, physical location is obviously no barrier.
Because clear communication is important, particularly in the modern world where so many messages compete for the reader's time. We can show you how to package your message so that it has a fighting chance of getting through.


Major Clients

City of Summit, New Jersey
From 1984 to 2000, I was the first, and only, Public Information Officer for the City of Summit, New Jersey, where I developed, designed, wrote, and produced many different types of award-winning publications. These included newsletters, brochures, directories, flyers, press releases, newspaper and magazine columns, speeches, and an employee newsletter.
I handled the entire process from identifying needs to the finished product. Competitive bids were obtained for printing, and arrangements made for mailing or other distribution.
As a communications specialist, my work also involved interacting with elected officials, appointed board members, department heads, and staff. I served as a reference resource, and ghost wrote columns and speeches.


The Dispatch of Berkeley Heights and New Providence
For 13 years I contributed columns about local politics and general humor for this weekly newspaper under the banner, "A View From the Heights."
Berkeley Heights League of Women Voters
During my two-year tenure as public relations director, I designed and edited an 80-page illustrated handbook providing information on local government, schools, and the community.


Public Information Contest
In an effort to improve communication by local governments within the state, the New Jersey League of Municipalities, the Rutgers University Bureau of Government Research, and the New Jersey Municipal Management Association sponsor an annual statewide municipal public information contest open to all 566 municipalities. I won these awards:
  • 1st Place, 1998
  • 1st Place, 1997
  • 1st Place, 1990
  • 2nd Place, 1994
  • 3rd place, 1999

Berkeley Heights Free Public Library
While serving as a member of the board of trustees for eight years and as its president for five, I managed the creation of a handbook for trustees and a comprehensive revision of the personnel policy.
Berkeley Heights Environmental Commission
I served as a member for one year, and decided cases involving a variety of issues related to environmental protection.
Berkeley Heights Board of Ethics
I served as a member for six years, and president for two. The board heard cases involving conflicts of interest of township employees and elected and appointed officials. I resigned in order to join the Berkeley Heights I-78 Task Force.
Berkeley Heights I-78 Task Force
This committee was appointed by the Township Committee to study proposals for the new interstate highway, and suggest ways to lessen its impact upon the township. I served as president for two years. Our efforts resulted in the elimination of a planned full interchange in Berkeley Heights and the relocation of the highway away from the high school.


Cornell University
Bachelor of Arts
New York University
Masters of Arts in Communications

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